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A Glittering Background

Since time immemorial gold has played a pivotal role in history. It’s shine has captured the attention of conquering armies, fuelled the greed of monarchs and redrawn the maps of countries. As the basis of every monetary system, gold has always been the reason why empires were lost, alliances were forged and wealth was measured.


As a highly malleable product, gold has taken the form of jewellery, personal use items, coins and more. Lending status to the possessor, gold has been sought across social classes, countries and continents.

Historic Gold Jewellery Picture
Historic Gold Jewellery Picture
Historic Gold Jewellery Picture

In the modern age, gold continues to retain its value and charm. An in-depth understanding of its unique properties has made it useful to a variety of industries: electronics, fashion, mechanical and more.


In medieval times, gold was often seen as beneficial to health, in the belief that something so rare and beautiful could not be anything but healthy. Exploring the many facets of gold through its own expertise is a Group that has evolved, endured and exponentially grown.


  • Gold alloys are used in dentistry, especially in tooth restorations, such as crowns and permanent bridges
  • Colloidal gold is used in research applications in medicine, biology and materials science.
  • The isotope gold-198, (half-life 2.7 days) is used in some cancer treatments and for treating other diseases.


Gold has always been a part of the Group. Tracing its involvement for over two centuries, the Group began its existence in the field of bullion. Recognising the volatility of this precious metal, the Group ably leveraged fluctuating trends to continually benefit from them. During all national level Government gold auctions, the Group always bid for the highest quantities of gold for onward distribution to its large network of clients.


Aware of the need to diversify its presence, the Group entered the quality conscious sector of handmade gold jewellery. Offering traditional and elegant designs, the Group has marked its presence by offering exquisitely handcrafted gold jewellery.


With a knowledge base stretching over two centuries, the Group has amassed an understanding of the retail and commodity aspects of gold. It employs traditional craftsmen, encourages preservation of local design tradition, and at the same time offers contemporary designs to younger audiences. In doing all this, huge amounts of gold and gold jewellery are processed annually. It is no surprise that they are the Award Winning Supplier of Choice for Tanishq, Titan, and many others.

Gold at all times has been considered

the best of testimonies of good faith...

Rafael Sabatini

The Group Today

With a strong presence in gold bullion trading and handcrafted jewellery, with innumerable recognitions both in India and abroad, the Group has established its claim to be committed to strong design principles and equally strong business principles. It is these attributes that have stood the group in good stead over the centuries since its inception.

Today the Group operates four units in Kolkata, India, that specialise in handcrafted gold jewellery. Its Export Oriented Unit specially caters to overseas markets through its specific award winning design offerings.


In 2006, the Group ventured into the manufacture of gold coins. Preferred in India as an investment tool and also as a prized possession, these gold coins in multiple denominations, are ideal commemorative products for the Indian Corporate Sector. Packaged in specially designed tamper-proof packs, the Group ensures smooth dispatch and delivery across India. Since this venture began, the manufacture of gold coins has increased proportionately with growing demand and is today supplied to various organisations like SBI, NTPC, Ultratech, Tamil Nadu Govt. and more. Thus making this a vibrant business unit of the Group.

Over the years, the Gouti Group has been richly appreciated for its sterling role as a herald of quality products. This has resulted in awards and accolades galore. A few of which are:


  • Gold Jewellery Exports Promotion Council’s Award for Overall Excellence – Won for the last four consecutive years .
  • Supplier of Choice for Tanishq, Titan and more.

The Vision That Steers A Group

There is no greater treasure than knowledge passed down through time. The learnings gained through generations is by far the most valuable asset that this Group holds. Mr. Sumati Chand Gouti is the custodian of this wealth and for years he has ensured that the Group benefits from it. Innovative product enhancements. Effective client satisfaction techniques. Developing new markets. Diversification of activities. Expansion through the value chain…these are all the results of his efforts. The vast breadth of his experience has made him an icon in a sector marked by change and competitiveness. His ability to analyse and discern the impact of market happenings has made him a much sought after industry leader. With an exposure to local, regional and global markets, he has ably leveraged his knowledge to create a group that is the epitome of enduring success.

  • Sole Selling Agent for Bharat Gold Mines Ltd., Hutti Gold Mines Ltd.,  Kolar Gold Fields & HCL
  • Advisor and Valuer for gems to the Government’s of India, Zambia &  British Guyana.
Gold Bricks and Coins PNG

World View

In today's world gold possesses not only a ubiquitous retail presence but also a commercial one. As an easily tradable commodity on global financial bourses, gold reflects both, popular confidence and financial stability.

Having come a long way from when gold shaped kingdoms and fortunes, gold today is also a way of reflecting taste, building business empires and symbolizing the pursuit of quality.


These indeed have become the hallmark of the Gouti Groups’ overall involvement in gold. For the retail sector –  premium quality gold, contemporary designs and exquisite craftsmanship. For the long term value player -  successfully leveraging market sentiment in bullion.


This is what defines their vision for the future and their world view.


  • Presence across retail, marketing and trading in gold
  • Emphasis on setting up of more customised jewellery units
  • Maintaining seamless blend between human skill and technology
  • Focus on new synergistic growth avenues
  • Successfully leveraged professional management techniques


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